Bucket List

Shan and I have quite the hefty bucket list... 
but we are determined to check off every single one!
... Some are more my dreams than his, but I'm sure he'd love to do all of these too. 

  • Visit every temple in the world
  • Skydiving
  • Scuba diving
  • Finish an ironman race
  • Learn how to speak Spanish fluently
  • Learn to play the piano really well.
  • Go to dance classes together and learn how to dance the salsa, rhumba, tango, etc..
  • Ride in a hot air balloon across the valley. 
  • Run through a huge sunflower field. 
  • Go to see Ellen Degeneres live, preferably to one of her 12 days of Christmas shows. :)
  • We want to travel the world.. but some places in specific we would love to go though is: New Zealand, France, Cancun, England, Peru, China, Japan, Ukraine, Australia, Germany, Spain, Iceland, Africa, Tahiti... uhm ya we tried to narrow that down... so I guess everywhere.
  • Shannon's already been on a cruise, but I have always wanted to go on one. 
  • Ride the largest roller coaster in the world. 
  • See the ball drop in NY on new years
  • Grow a garden 
  • Have lots of land with horses and chickens (Shannon's dream)
  • Build a really legit sand castle
  • Get in shape and have hot bods. 
  • Go to a Brian Regan show. 
  • Go to the world cup and superbowl
  • Become an awesome, amazing cook for the hubby and future kiddos
  • Swim with dolphins!