The Dating Days

Shan and I met in a really funny, kind of awkward way.

Not a lot of people know the REAL way we met, just a condensed version. Basically.. it started out... I was up at school and one of my roommates, Bri, got a Christmas card from some random missionary- Shannon King. She put the Christmas card up on the fridge explaining that this guy who sent this card to her was someone she had sort of had a little fling with in high school before he left on his mission. I didn't think anything of it, just saw the picture of two random missionaries and they were up on our fridge now.

Then, in late March, I'm minding my own business on Facebook, when I get a friend request from this boy... Shannon King. I text Bri and tell her that her fling boy just friend requested me, and she told me to add him and talk to him.. so that's just what I did. And to be honest, I thought he was kind of a desperate returned missionary trying to fill his canteen up again from being away for 2 years. His side of the story says that he was looking at Bri's facebook and saw me in one of the pictures, thought I was smokin' hot, and then friend requested me.. so I guess my point is proven right there...

But anyway, he came up and visited me in t-town... and we sort of just hit it off... actually we really hit it off... but I really wanted to deny it at first because I am a strong advocate of how stupid it is when people "fall in love" after like 3 weeks, and I become one of them.. We started dating in May, and spent all summer together... Then in August, he asked me to marry him and he was just the cutest, most nervous little boy I had ever seen.

Who would've known I would marry someone that I met off facebook... You can definitely tell he's the romantic type with that move.. But he is honestly the most amazing person I have ever met, and I can't wait to spend forever and ever with him.