Friday, June 20, 2014

Freshly Picked Moccasins [Review]

Can I just say how much I love FP moccs. 
They are my absolute fave. 
I have been drooling over them for months, entering every giveaway possible,
 sold a bunch of my clothes to buy a pair for Kinzie, 
and now I've been given the opportunity to do a review for them! 
I also love being able to do this review for FP, because it gives me a chance to
 practice my horrible picture taking skills. :)

The color that I picked to do my review is glacier, 
which is probably my favorite color they have. 
Everytime I see a post with a baby wearing this color, 
I just keep staring wishing I had them for Kinz. 
I also have their platinum color, which I love 
because that color goes with soooo many different outfits. 
I was hesitant about getting such a bold color as glacier,
 because I didn't know if it would go with as many things, 
but I've found that it has been going with so many outfits! 
And lets get real, I now base my whole outfit off how to make it 
look good and match so she can wear her Freshly Picked Moccs. 
I also love the glacier, because it is gender neutral 
so that if we have more kids, boys and girls, 
they can be worn no matter what. 


I pretty much always have Kinzie in shoes...
 I think shoes on babies are so stinking cute 
and then they get used to wearing them for when 
they start walking and have to have them on. 
The only downfall.. they ALWAYS fall off her feet or she can pull them off easily. 
It is so obnoxious having to put them on every 5 minutes. 
And especially now that she is about to start walking, 
I needed to find a pair of shoes that would stay on well. 
I finally bought a pair of the freshly picked moccs, 
They stay on her feet so well because of the elastic around the top of the shoe. 
They have never fallen off. And in the past, Kinzie would try to pull her other shoes off, 
but she hasn't tried pulling her moccs off once! 

I love that the moccasins are soft soled, especially since Kinz is on the verge of walking.
It helps her to be able to grip more with her toes so that she can balance,
and I have heard it's better for babies as they are just starting out with walking. 

There are two points I want to address as minor cons:

1. The price of the moccs are $60. To me, this is a hefty cost, especially for a baby shoe. I can't fork out $60 for shoes with Shannon and I starting out our careers and starting out our family. However, the quality is fabulous, the design is adorable, they are made in the USA, and they are hand made to order. Freshly Picked does so many giveaways and fun events to get a pair of moccs, as well as many different sales a few times a year. I bought my first pair from their warehouse sale for $30, which I thought was a very good price and I got a size or two bigger so that Kinzie could grow into them. (one a side note, another reason I love these shoes is the fact that you can get a size or two bigger for your babe and they still stay on! unlike any other shoe that was a little too big for Kinz, they would just fall right off or look clownish on her little chubby feet.) I do believe though that everyone should buy at least one pair for their babe, because they are the best baby shoe out there. 

2. I wonder if there is a way to put some type of grippers on the bottom.. because since Kinz is still trying to learn her way with standing and walking, sometimes when she is standing on a slicker surface, the bottom of the shoe can make it a little more slippery. It's not a huge deal, and once she gets the hang of walking and the bottoms of the moccs wear down a bit, it won't be an issue. 

I can't wait to get more and hopefully maybe even win one of the giveaways some day :D
They also just came out with a new pair of moccs that are patriotic which I am OBSESSED with! 

You should head on over to Freshly Picked's website here, and buy a pair! 
Your babe will thank you will some open mouth, slobbery little kisses.

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