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Kinzie Cyd

Has it really been over a year since my last post? PATHETIC. I need to catch up. I did a little update with my blog since we now have a little king (or princess) added to our family. I wanted to post during my pregnancy, and then I failed at that. Then I told myself I was going to post right after giving birth to her, and I failed at that! so now, I'm going to write KC's birth story, 9 months late. Better late than never...

I'll start with the week prior to giving birth. It was the last week in August, still working full time, back hurting, exhausted, been sleeping on the couch the last 5 months because it was more comfortable (Shannon had a twin mattress on the floor next to me that full 5 months, what a sweetheart), I was ready for her to come!!

August 24, 2013 (39 weeks)

We went on walks pretty much every night, I did the lame curb walking, and I looked a little ridiculous doing it. Did it help? uhhhh, I don't think so. We walked in the pouring rain, who knew it would get freezing cold in August. This picture below depicts my pregnancy perfectly... fat, happy, ice with me at all times. 

August 27, 2013

On Wednesday, August 28, I went in to see Dr. Allen to have him strip my membranes. I was 39.5 weeks along. He had offered to strip my membranes only a few days before that, but I said no because I was scared. A few days went by, and I was getting too anxious so I called the office and he fit me right in to get it done. I tried not to get my hopes up, but I was expecting something to happen that next day. NOTHING. aggghhhh. So Shan and I continued to go on walks after we both got off work at night. Her due date was Saturday, August 31, so she still had some time... and Shannon's family was coming into town that weekend since it was Labor Day weekend so Marlee, Tate, and Aaron had a 3 day weekend. WE HAD TO HAVE THIS BABY BEFORE THEY LEFT MONDAY. They would be getting into town on Friday night and on Friday morning I had another appt with Dr. Allen to strip my membranes a second time if I didn't have the baby by then. 

Friday morning around 7am, I was up getting ready for work and we heard a knock on our door. We answer it and guess who it was?!?!! The family surprised us and got there early!!! Dyan even surprised me and came too! I was so so grateful. I was able to get work off so I could spend the day with them. We went to my appt, got my membranes stripped, and I was 80% effaced and dilated to 3cm. I asked Dr. Allen if he would be on call the next day in case I go into labor. He said he wouldn't be, but he gave me his cell phone number and said, "I will just be canning tomatoes tomorrow with my family, so if you go into labor, call me and I will come." Seriously?! I can't say enough how great of a doctor I had. So of course whenever I get together with my sisters and mother-in-law, shopping happens. We got some decor for Kinzie's baby room and did some other shopping, which means we walked around a ton! 

When we got home, I was feeling some lower abdominal cramping around 9pm. I didn't think it was labor or anything because I had heard from other people that contractions happen throughout your whole abdomen. So we all went to bed..  At around 4-5am I woke up because I kept having cramping in my lower abdomen. I would try to go back to sleep, but it was getting to the point where I couldn't even lie still, I was curled up in a ball, clenching up because it was hurting so bad. I started counting them and they were about 7 minutes apart, lasting 30-45 seconds. All of the sudden, at around 6am, my water broke! I leaped over Shannon, smacking and yelling "My water broke I think!" (he still to this day laughs about it.. a fat preggo jumping over a twin bed from the couch, running to the bathroom... yaaaa...) Shan ran to get Silva and she said, "YEP! LOOKS LIKE WE ARE HAVING A BABY!" and Silva to this day laughs that I had to rinse off and take a shower before we headed to the hospital. We called Dr. Allen at 6:30am, and he said he would head over to the hospital right then.

Once we arrived at the hospital, they checked to make sure my water did break, which it did. If I remember correctly, I was dilated to a 4 and 80% effaced. The nurse asked if I wanted an epidural, and I said that I would try to wait a little longer... That little longer lasted about 30 seconds and one more contraction. I was just a bitttt overdramatic telling someone to go get the nurse for the epidural. About an hour passed (8:30am-ish), and I finally had my epidural... BEST THING EVER. It hurt less than getting an IV started, and it felt like heaven. The only way I can describe it was being all warm and fuzzy. Right after I got the epidural, they checked how far along I was and I was dilated to a 5 and 100% effaced. 

Now the waiting game begins...

Shan still talks about the awkwardly placed knob in my delivery room.. 
I married a mature man, people. ;) 

Dr. Allen on the right and my L&D nurse, Judy. I was blessed with the most amazing doctor and nurse. Judy helped me through breathing and gave really good tips to Shannon to help me during my contractions before I got my epidural. 

By 12pm, I had reached 9cm dilated and at 1pm I was 10cm. It seriously went so fast! Some people might think I'm crazy, but my husband, sister, sister-in-law, mother-in-law, best friend, and a nursing student were all in the room when I started pushing. I just didn't care! If they wanted to be in there, I wanted them to be in there. I pushed for 45 minutes, I think it was a total of 4 or 5 contractions but I can't remember. Kinzie had a double nuccal (cord wrapped around her neck twice) and a true knot (her umbilical cord was tied in a knot). Shannon said when Dr. Allen saw that it was a true knot, his face got very serious, he told me to stop pushing, and he got Kinzie out as quickly as possible. After he and the nurses made sure she was okay, he told me that if they would have known that she had a true knot, I would have had a C-section because of the risks of giving a vaginal birth with a knot in the cord. Kinzie was such a strong girl. She was cyanotic when I delivered her, but she cried as soon as she was delivered. She didn't have to go to the NICU, She was just given oxygen for a little bit and that was it. Dr. Allen and the nurses called her the miracle baby that day. I know without a doubt in my mind that there were angels watching over Kinz that day. I know her Grandma Cyd was there. 

Kinzie Cyd King was born on August 31, 2013 at 1:46pm. She weighed 7lbs 8oz and was 19 inches long. Her middle name is in honor of her Grandma Cyd. 

Some of the following pictures are a bit graphic, but I wanted to post them for journaling purposes. 

(Graphic: You can see the knot in the umbilical cord)

I made lots of little goodie bags for my doctor and all of the nurses that took care of me while I was at the hospital. 

Every moment with her has been the best, sometimes hard, but so very worth it. Being a mother is beyond what I thought or imagined it to be. It is one of the most sacred gifts that Heavenly Father gives us, as women, to bare his children, to nurture and love them, and to learn from these sweet little spirits. Seeing her grow each month and reach different milestones has been the best! Her personality is growing so much, she is so so sweet but has a lot of sass as well. It's a perfect combination, and she always keeps us entertained. I love this daughter of mine so much, and I love Shannon more and more as I watch him with her. You don't truly see how your husband will love and act around a baby until he has his own, and he is the absolute best daddy! I am so in love with my little family.

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