Friday, August 10, 2012


This summer has flown by. 
Technically we still have "summer" until the end of September because that's when Shan is gonna be done selling pest control. 
So far this summer has been so great though. 
1.  Graduated from nursing school

This hunk was with me since day one through nursing school!
 I honestly could not have done it with out him.

My lifeline in nursing school! 

and my 2nd lifeline in nursing school! 

2. Moved to Draper, Utah

1. Worked my buns off to study for NCLEX


1. Nannied the cutest girls ever for 3 weeks
Kyndal- 5yrs old
Kylie- 9yrs. old. (I swear she looks so much like me when I was her age,
I wish I had a picture on my computer to prove it.) 
 2. Officially became Kristina King, RN. :)

3. The fam came and visited and we went to lagoon! 

and it was dad's 50th birthday! whaaaatt, he's so old.

1. Started working in the pest control office as 
a receptionist again until I find a job as a nurse. 
(by the way... if ANYONE can help me find a job here in Utah 
working ANYWHERE as a nurse, that would be so much appreciated)

2. My sister in law, Marlee moved out.... seriously this is so sad. 
This is the bitter part of my post title because it really was so fun having her here! Shannon and I were talking about it last night about how we already miss her so much. We are freaking empty nesters now! 
I think I'm gonna cry when all of my kids move out. I know that is SO far away. But we loved having her and Kayla living here with us! 
Maybe this is also me sort of, kind of, probably, most likely
 saying that I'm ready and wanting to start our own little family. 

But ya, so yesterday before Mar moved back to AZ, 
we took her out to Kneaders for their all you can eat french toast. 
OH MY HEAVENLY DAYS. It is so good. 
How can they afford to make that good of french toast all you can eat... oh ya, probably because noone can eat more than one plate. 
I couldn't even finish one plate. They were so good though. 

But then Shannon took Marlee to the airport and he actually 
took the day off of work yesterday, so we went to Wingers 
(yes we went out to eat twice in a day, we are fat.) 
and they had all you can eat sticky fingers there, which were so good!
 I'm just telling you people, these places are good, you need to go 
and do their unlimited specials. After that, we went and saw The Dark Knight Rises (which was wayyyy good), 3 hours of awesomeness. And then we came back to the apartment and went swimming. It was such a perfect and much needed day with my husband. 
I can't wait till he is done selling so I can see him for more than an hour in a day, and I can't wait till we move to Provo in September so we can be closer to a lot of our friends. 

Although, as much as I'm lovin' this Utah weather, 
I am and always will be an Arizona girl. 
I honestly cannot wait for the day when we get to 
move back there and be close to our family!

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  1. I am so glad you finally posted!!!!! I miss you sooooooo SSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much!!! Come back to ARIZONA! I need you for studying!